Compression Therapy in Stamford, CT

Compression Therapy in Stamford, CT

Boost healing, circulation, and mobility to enhance your recovery and performance with Compression sessions in Stamford, CT

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1055 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT, 06905

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Monday-Friday: 10AM-7PM
Saturday-Sunday: 10AM-5PM
Customer receiving Compression Therapy in Stamford, CTCustomer receiving Compression Therapy in Stamford, CT

Improve your healing by boosting your circulation with Compression sessions in Stamford, CT. Compression involves applying systematic pressure on your extremities like the legs and arms with just 30-60 minute sessions.
Benefits of Compression may include:

  • Recovery: Accelerate muscle recovery and alleviate soreness by stimulating lymphatic drainage and reducing swelling.
  • Circulation: Enhance your circulation and lymphatic drainage system.
  • Mobility: Improve your flexibility by loosening stiff muscles with a dynamic massage.
  • Athletic Performance: Elevate your athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue, removing lactic acid and improving recovery time between workouts.

Recover faster and improve blood flow with the help of consistent Compression sessions. Book your appointments online today at Restore Hyper Wellness in Stamford, CT. We can't wait to help you achieve your health goals.

Compression Therapy Benefits

Compression Therapy May Help The Body
Improve lymphatic function and circulation
Reduce muscle aches and pain
Improve flexibility and mobility
Man and woman smiling at each other while getting Normatec compression treatment.

What to Expect


Minimum 30 minutes per treatment


3-5 times weekly