Woman receiving infrared sauna treatment.Woman receiving infrared sauna treatment.

Infrared Sauna


Meet the Modality

Sweat it out! Unburden your body from stress, sore muscles and free radicals with an ancient practice made for the future. Lay back, relax and unwind as your body burns calories and finds relief from inflammation. Release minor pain, accelerate athletic recovery, boost circulation and improve cardiovascular health—all in 40 minutes or less.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared Sauna may help the body...
Promote energy and healing
Improve circulation and heart health
Detoxify heavy metals, relieve inflammation
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First Time?

What to Expect

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Service Duration

Begin at 30 minutes and work your way up to 45 minutes per session

How Often to Use Infrared Sauna

3-5 times a week, working your way up to daily if desired


Learn More About Infrared Sauna

What is an Infrared Sauna Session Like?

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Not sure what to expect during your Infrared Sauna session at Restore? After you complete a basic waiver, our staff will bring you to your private Infrared Sauna. Before starting your sauna session, you’ll want to undress and cover yourself in a towel or robe. Then, you’ll enter the sauna where you will stay for 15 to 40 minutes. Before, during and after your Infrared Sauna session, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water. You’ll notice that you sweat a fair amount during your Infrared Sauna session - and this is exactly what you want! Sweating is a healthy process that may help the body to detoxify from the many harmful free radicals and heavy metals that have negative long-term effects on human health. After your Sauna Session is over, you’ll want to get changed into loose clothing that’s breathable and light, as you may continue sweating for some time after you leave your session.

How Does Infrared Sauna Work?

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Infrared Saunas heat the body through light waves and by increasing the temperature of the ambient air inside the sauna. Infrared light waves are effective at penetrating tissues and promoting perspiration. Sitting in a sauna for even 30 minutes can raise your heart rate and has shown to induce health benefits similar to cardiovascular exercise. Your time in a sauna can be a relaxing experience where you can unwind and disconnect from your day.

Detoxify and rest at the same time? Yes please!
Christina P.
Infrared Sauna Pairings

Better Together

Pair modalities to boost your benefits and take your wellness goals one step further.
Not all services available at all locations.
IV Drip Therapy

Top off your ultimate wellness visit with an IV Drip custom-made for your body’s unique needs.

After your sauna session, replenish your body with hydration and a selection of vital nutrients.

Replenish your body as you relax during your compression session. These services can be done at the same time.

Cleanse and replenish your body with IV Drip Therapy between maintenance doses of NAD+ IV Drip Therapy.

Cleanse your system while boosting hydration critical to weight management.

Hydration is key to achieving skin health and a radiant complexion. Dial up skin health with select ingredients.

Hydration is key to achieving skin health and a radiant complexion. Dial up skin health with select ingredients.


CryoToning® or CryoSlimming® a few days before your sauna session can maximize the benefits all around.

Another great way to cleanse your system body-wide while boosting hydration critical to weight management.

Choose from CryoSlimming® or CryoToning® after a Lipo-C IM shot to aid your body-slimming goals.

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