How Can A Sauna Help Me?

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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February 15, 2022
Infrared Sauna at Restore Hyper Wellness
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Updated November 2023

The Benefits Of Saunas

Saunas may improve circulation and cardiovascular health, relieve pain and inflammation, boost energy and bodily defenses, maintain the appearance of skin health, and upgrade your quality of sleep, according to a study by the Mayo Clinic.

Manage Weight & Athletic Recovery

The National Institute of Health found that using Infrared Saunas can improve metabolism by acting like an exercise mimetic and increasing glucose homeostasis. That means that Infrared Saunas can provide similar cardiovascular benefits as exercise, such as improving heart health and reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Infrared Sauna use may also increase aerobic endurance when paired with an exercise routine, improve recovery and heart rate variability, and potentially increase overall metabolic rate.

Heavy Metal Detox

"No person is without some level of toxic metals in their bodies," the National Institute of Health states in a study about Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury found in sweat. The study notes that using a sauna and exercising should be used as therapy, stating, "Sweating deserves consideration for toxic element detoxification."

How Does An Infrared Sauna Work?

Infrared Saunas heat the body through light waves and by increasing the temperature of the ambient air inside the sauna. Infrared Saunas cause your core body temperature to increase at a lower temperature than traditional saunas. Infrared Saunas can be set to approximately 110 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas traditional saunas can be set to 150 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Traditional saunas raise your surface temperature using higher temperatures, while Infrared Saunas are more effective at penetrating tissues and promoting perspiration at lower temperatures.

Relax, Sweat & Get Healthier

Spending 30 to 45 minutes in an Infrared Sauna can be a relaxing and restful experience where you can devote time to unwind from your day and disconnect from technology.

Start basking in the glow of an Infrared Sauna at your nearest Restore studio and get a customized wellness plan based on your health data and goals.

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