Cryotherapy in Austin, TX

Cryotherapy in Austin, TX

Optimize muscle recovery from training, reduce inflammation and improve the quality of your sleep and energy with Whole Body Cryotherapy in Austin, TX - Gateway

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9901 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 140
Austin, TX, 78759

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Monday: 12PM-7PM
Tuesday-Thursday: 11AM-7PM
Friday: 11AM-6PM
Saturday: 10AM-5PM
Sunday: 12AM-4PM
Customer receiving Cryotherapy in Austin, TX - GatewayCustomer receiving Cryotherapy in Austin, TX - Gateway

Heal faster, sleep better and get energized with Whole Body Cryotherapy in Austin, TX - Gateway. A Cryotherapy session involves exposing your entire body to sub-zero temperatures for up to 3 minutes while a trained specialist monitors you outside the chamber and plays your favorite song.
Benefits of Cryotherapy may include:

  • Athletic Recovery: Accelerate muscle recovery and reduce post-exercise inflammation to help minimize soreness and perform at your peak.
  • Sleep: Improve the quality and duration of your sleep by promoting relaxation and reducing stress.
  • Pain: Alleviate acute and chronic pain by reducing inflammation.

Enhance your body's natural ability to heal with the help of consistent Cryotherapy sessions. Book your appointments online today at Restore Hyper Wellness in Austin, TX - Gateway. We can't wait to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Cryotherapy Benefits

Cryotherapy May Help The Body
Relieve pain, swelling and stress
Promote healing and athletic recovery
Boost mood, energy and sleep
Two men receiving cryo whole body cryotherapy treatment.

What to Expect


A first time Cryo session is 2.5 minutes. After that, up to 3 minutes.


Consistency is key! Come for Cryotherapy as often as twice a day.