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Boost Immunity
With Our Better
Together Bundle

Combat seasonal allergies and keep your immunity top-of-mind with our Better Together Bundle: BUY 3-Pack of the Defender IV Drip, enjoy 3 Red Light Therapy and 3 Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions for FREE

Book your Defender IV Drip today, purchase your package in store. Offer valid through 10/31/22.

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The benefits

This powerhouse immunity bundle may help the body:

Boost your body’s natural defense system
Reduce symptoms of seasonal, environmental stressors
Promote energy production

What does your ultimate immune-boosting regimen look like? 

The Defender IV Drip

Ingredients: Glutathione + Trace Elements + Vitamin D + Lysine + 2x Vitamin C + B Complex

Benefits: Known to leave you feeling hydrated and revitalized while also giving you a boost of energy, immune support and much-needed nourishment to your body during flu and cold season.

Red Light Therapy

Ten minute sessions can help relieve minor pain and inflammation, enhance your mood and optimize sleep.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Helps your body promote healing, optimize sleep, relieve minor pain and swelling, and provide a mood and energy boost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is IV Drip Therapy Like?

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Not sure what to expect from your IV Drip Therapy session at Restore? If it's your first time, please read "How do I need to prepare for my first appointment?". The staff will take your vital signs upon arrival then comes the fun part! You’ll take a look at our extensive IV Drip Therapy menu, and with the help of a medical professional, customize your personal IV Drip. Then, a nurse will guide you through your personalized IV experience.

Depending on your goals, with the help of expert guidance, you can choose from IV Drip Therapy that helps boost the body’s defenses, gives your skin a youthful glow, or helps your athletic performance and recovery. Your IV Drip will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes, during which time you’ll be relaxing in our comfortable IV Drip Therapy room.

Did you know you can even work during your IV Drip? Plenty of people bring their laptops with them, so they can receive their IV Drip while getting some work done.

What Are Commonly Used Ingredients in IV Drip Therapy?

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A variety of IV Drip ingredients can help you achieve your personal wellness goals. From immune-boosting Vitamin-C to energy-boosting B-Complex, and so much more. Each month, find a new “Drip of the Month,” a custom-made IV Drip Therapy option specific to your choosing. No matter what your Do More goal, IV Drip Therapy can help you take your health up a notch by replenishing your body and providing the fuel it needs to perform its best.

When Should I Get IV Drip Therapy?

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There are so many reasons to get an IV Drip! Many customers come to get our IV Drip Therapy before they travel, so they can boost their body’s natural defense system. Other customers like to schedule an IV Drip for after they visit our Infrared Sauna, so they can replenish their hydration and essential nutrients after sweating it out. You can even multi-task your Restore appointments, and schedule your IV Drip Therapy session to be at the same time as Compression! Talk to a professional at Restore Hyper Wellness today to learn how IV Drip Therapy may help you elevate your health, feel your best and do more of what you love.

How Often Will I Have a TeleMed Consult with a Medical Professional?

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Customers will complete medical forms and a TeleMed consult with a medical professional during your first visit. After that, you will renew these requirements annually or more often as your medical history changes.

What is the Typical Duration of an IV Drip Therapy Session?

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IV Drip therapy durations vary based on the amount of fluid and differing ingredients that are administered. Typical administration is between 60 to 90 minutes.

How Do I Prepare For My First IV Therapy Appointment?

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As a new medical client, you’ll complete a simple waiver and health history form that will be emailed to you ahead of your appointment. If you don't get the chance to fill them out beforehand, no worries! You can fill out the forms when you arrive at the studio. The staff will take your vital signs then you'll do a quick call with a medical provider so that we can get a better understanding of your medical history and how IV Drip Therapy can help you on your unique wellness journey.

If you see a specialist such as an oncologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, or are currently under care for a health issue, you will likely need to seek medical clearance from your provider prior to being serviced at Restore. You may print the applicable form, to be completed by your provider: Medical Clearance Form, Oncology Clearance Form or Pregnancy Clearance Form.

There are special considerations for clients 65 and older. A recent Basic Metabolic Panel lab is needed prior to full clearance by Restore’s medical provider.

What is a Red Light Therapy Session Like?

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Not sure what to expect when you visit Restore for a Red Light Therapy appointment? Red Light Therapy, also known as PBM or Photobiomodulation Therapy, is a painless and relaxing service that takes only ten minutes. Before your Red Light Therapy appointment, you’ll fill out a simple waiver and then head back to our private Red Light Therapy room. Our store staff will turn on the Red Light Therapy machine and give you some privacy. Customers usually remove their shirt or change into a robe so that their skin can soak up the maximum amount of light during their session. During your Red Light Therapy session, you’ll feel a mild warmth coming from the lights. You can choose to wear sunglasses during your PBM session or simply close your eyes, relax and soak up the glow!

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

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Red Light Therapy uses low levels of red or near-infrared light to help power your cells and promote healing and energy. The low wavelength red light produced by our Red Light Therapy machines that can be absorbed by the mitochondria in your body, which are responsible for many important processes in your day to day health, healing abilities, and energy production.

Are There Any Risks to Red Light Therapy?

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Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation uses very low levels of heat that do not hurt or burn the skin. Unlike tanning booths, Red Light Therapy won’t expose skin to damaging UV rays. Like all services and modalities at Restore, Red Light Therapy can be an effective tool when used consistently and under the direction of medical guidance.

What is a Cryotherapy Session Like?

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Not sure what to expect when you visit us for Cryotherapy? After you complete a simple medical waiver you’ll head to a private changing room. Our Cryotherapy Chamber uses sub-zero temperatures to deliver cold therapy, so you’ll need to protect certain parts of your body from the cold! We’ll provide you with a hat, socks and gloves to use during your Cryotherapy session. Some people simply wear their shorts or other workout clothes, but we’ll provide you with a robe if you prefer a little extra coverage.

Once you’re changed into your protective gear, you’ll head back to our proprietary Cryotherapy chamber. You can select some music to pump you up, then you’ll enter the chamber where you’ll stay for up to 3 minutes.

Not sure you can make it the full session? No worries! A healthy Cryotherapy practice may be something you work your way up to, gradually increasing the time you’re able to spend in the chamber each visit. In general it will feel like standing outside on a very cold winter day!

After you get out, you’ll feel energized, alert, and may even experience a bit of a mood boost.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

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One form of Cryotherapy we offer at Restore is Whole Body Cryotherapy. This service exposes the entire body to sub-zero temperatures inside of a chamber. As the body is exposed to these freezing temperatures, it enacts a natural fight or flight response that constricts blood vessels to restrict blood away from extremities. This redirection causes your body to move blood toward the core, protecting your organs. During this process, the body increases its levels of oxygen and certain proteins that can decrease swelling. When you exit the Cryotherapy chamber and return to normal room temperature, this oxygen-rich blood moves back through the body. A Cryotherapy session can last up to 3 minutes - but may burn up to 600 calories! This service is one of many ways that Restore utilizes controlled, natural stressors to increase your body’s resilience and thereby shape human health.

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Offer available through 10/31/2022. Not all IV Drip ingredients or services available at all locations. Medical services available to clients of Restore are provided by an independently-owned physician practice. Please note that a number of our services and products are not evaluated and/or approved by the FDA and those services and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.