Meet Our AmbassadorsTim and Demi Tebow

An ambassador partnership between Restore and Tim and Demi Tebow makes perfect sense. Why? Because they exemplify the Hyper Wellness® lifestyle and demonstrate the do more mindset by pursuing meaningful relationships and living purpose-driven lives.

The Tebows truly believe Restore services help people get back to a state of peak performance -  so they can be at the top 1% of their game and excel at whatever they’re most passionate about. For Tim and Demi, it’s helping others on their journey.

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Tim and Demi Tebow sit inside Restore Hyper Wellness
Tim Tebow optimizes health for Restore Hyper Wellness
It's not just about becoming a little bit more elite in your sport. It's about becoming more elite (in) whatever you're doing.
Restore routine

Tim Tebow

As a professional football player, Tim understands the importance of recovery and keeping his body as finely tuned as possible. His Restore routine helps him achieve this while also providing him with the focus and energy he needs to pursue his purpose in life.

Demi Tebow for Restore Hyper Wellness
I think that it’s really important to take care of yourself so that you can be your best.
Restore routine

Demi Tebow

For Demi, health isn’t just an end goal - it’s a lifestyle. She believes that when you feel your best, you can show up and do your best. Her Restore routine helps her thrive so she can reach the next milestone on her journey.

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