9 Elements Podcast Episode 11: Jim Donnelly

Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman
1 hour listen
March 28, 2023
Image of 9 Elements Podcast host Eric Hinman with guest Jim Donnelly, with the title "9 Elements: Jim Donnelly on Cold."
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Hyper Wellness® As A Habit

Welcome to the 9 Elements Podcast brought to you by Restore Hyper Wellness. I’m your host, Eric Hinman. Each week, I sit down with trailblazers in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness communities, exploring how they optimize their daily lives for ultimate performance to do more of what they love.

I am a 5x Ironman athlete, brand builder, and someone who’s obsessed with health and wellness - structuring much of my day around fitness and recovery protocols. 

On today’s episode, I speak with Restore Hyper Wellness co-founder Jim Donnelly. Jim was a serial entrepreneur who trained for a marathon in 2015 and discovered cryotherapy. He loved how it made him feel but didn’t love the customer experience. So he put a business plan together and opened up his first Restore Hyper Wellness in Austin. Now, with over 200 stores nationwide, Jim Donnelly is helping to rewrite the script on proactive health and wellness. 

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Jim Donnelly Timestamps

01:02 Jim’s Day So Far

02:30 Restore’s Background

04:07 What does feel better mean?

05:30 Emotional Payoff of Restore Modalities

07:30 Virtuous Feedback Loop

11:05 Jim’s Favorite Restore Modality

12:45 Stress Relief from Cold Exposure

17:20 Sauna Meetings

20:40 Contrast Therapy: Cold vs Hot

21:50 Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

24:50 Red Light Therapy Benefits

27:20 A lack of evidence is not a lack of efficacy.

29:30 Navigating Fun Times/Staying On Track

30:40 Eric’s “Greatly Enhance The Experience” Rule for Alcohol

32:40 Hyper Wellness As A Habit

35:25 Connection Through Hyper Wellness

40:00 Being The Best Version of Yourself

41:30 Jim’s Everesting Experience

43:30 High Performance Lifestyle Training

47:45 NAD+ IM Shots

52:00 Deficiencies As We Age

53:30 Find Your Why

54:50 Helping Children Understand Proactive Health and Wellness

59:30 Bucket Lists 2023: Learning To Dance

1:02:55 What to Expect from Restore in 2023

Connect With Jim Donnelly

Jim Donnelly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restorejim

Jim Donnelly on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimdonnellyrestorecryotherapy/

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