9 Elements Podcast Episode 2: Cait Crowell

Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman
1 hour listen
January 24, 2023
Image of 9 Elements Nutrition Podcast host Eric Hinman with guest Cait Crowell, speaking on a nutritional health and wellness podcast.
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Healing Ourselves From The Inside Out

Welcome to the 9 Elements Podcast brought to you by Restore Hyper Wellness. I’m your host, Eric Hinman. Each week, I sit down with trailblazers in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness communities, exploring how they optimize their daily lives for ultimate performance to do more of what they love.

I am a 5x Ironman athlete, brand builder, and someone who’s obsessed with health and wellness - structuring much of my day around fitness and recovery protocols. 

My guest today is a good friend, Cait Crowell. After struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and digestive issues, Cait Crowell visited a nutritional therapy practitioner and learned for the first time how the food we eat and how our digestive systems ability to absorb that food sets the tone for our entire health landscape. Working in Bangladesh with women and children in a nutritional rehab unit in acute health settings sealed the deal for Crowell, who earned her masters in blood chemistry in 2020. In the course of learning how diet and nutrition affects healing, Crowell was faced with mold toxicity in her home, and in the process, learned how to detox it from it.

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Cait Crowell Timestamps

00:05 Introduction

01:10 Meeting Cait at Just Be Kitchen

02:45 Cait’s background as a pole vaulter

05:40 The road to becoming a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

07:35 Studying in Bangladesh: Helping people learn how to feed themselves

11:40 Nutrition Therapy Programs: First Certification

13:00 Finishing a Master Blood Chemistry Course

13:37 We can heal ourselves from the inside out.

15:08 Mucosal Barriers and Chronic Diseases

16:55 The Immune System Connection 

18:20 What is leaky gut?

20:24 Identifying Signs and Symptoms

22:32 Urine Testing: Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals, VOCs

23:23 Healing: What are our detoxification pathways?

25:50 Scrub The Gut Protocol

27:30 Lifestyle Factors to Detoxification: Sweating

30:07 Healthy Routines

31:09 How much sunlight do you need each day?

31:55 Cait’s Mold Issue

37:08 The Wake Up Call: Mold Toxicity

41:59 Using Infrared Sauna to Detox from Mold

45:12 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

47:10 Mitochondrial and Cellular Health

48:13 Playing the Holistic Long Game

49:14 Eating Properly Prepared Nutrient Dense Foods

50:25 Why you should shop the perimeter first while grocery shopping. 

54:11 How Food Impacts Your Blood Sugar

1:01:39 Finding Cait Crowell on Social Media and the Web

Connect With Cait Crowell

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatcaitate

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatcaitate

For one-on-one nutritional therapy with Cait, click here.

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