9 Elements Podcast Episode 3: Greg Scheinman

Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman
1 hour listen
January 31, 2023
Image of 9 Elements Podcast host Eric Hinman with guest Greg Scheinman, with the title "9 Elements: Greg Scheinman on Heat."
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Fixate On The Why and Not The How

Welcome to the 9 Elements Podcast brought to you by Restore Hyper Wellness. I’m your host, Eric Hinman. Each week, I sit down with trailblazers in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness communities, exploring how they optimize their daily lives for ultimate performance to do more of what they love.

I am a 5x Ironman athlete, brand builder, and someone who’s obsessed with health and wellness - structuring much of my day around fitness and recovery protocols. 

My guest today is Greg Scheinman, and Greg is proof positive that age is just a number. Through conversations in his career, he realized that there was no instruction book for men as they aged out of their 30s into “middle age.” So Greg Scheinman started a podcast, which turned into a weekly newsletter, which eventually turned into The Midlife Male movement. Greg Scheinman now helps people optimize their lives at middle age, switching the script from ‘midlife crisis’ to aspirational aging. His latest book, “The Midlife Male: A No-Bullshit Guide to Living Better, Longer, Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier and Having More Fun in Your 40s and 50s,” was released in November of 2022. 

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Greg Scheinman Timestamps

01:20 Greg’s Mindset: “I had it backwards”

02:50 Greg’s Book: The Midlife Male

04:00 Greg’s Career Evolution

07:23 The Midlife Male

09:00 What are the 6 Fs?

10:25 The Perfect Days Formula, According to Eric

12:25 What does a maximized life look like for you?

14:00 Aggregate, Curate and Eliminate

18:00 Stripping Everything Away 

20:53 Greg’s Routine

23:35 Eric’s Routine

28:10 You don’t meet anybody at your desk

31:35 The Benefits of Heat Exposure

32:55 Run Your Own Race and Feel Good About It

38:30 Setting Up for Success The Next Day

41:05 Designing Your Optimal Life

41:55 Freedom Comes from Structure

43:45 You’ll Never Regret Investing in Yourself

46:50 Fixating on The Why and Not The How

49:30 How To Change Habits and Evolve Your Lifestyle

52:21 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

54:45 Stacking Little Wins Each Day

Connect With Greg Scheinman

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gregscheinman/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greg-scheinman-b442004/

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