9 Elements Podcast Episode 4: Ken Rideout

Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman
1 hour listen
February 7, 2023
Image of Restore Podcast host Eric Hinman with guest Ken Rideout, with the title "9 Elements: Ken Rideout on Oxygen."
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The World’s Best Marathoner Over 50

Welcome to the 9 Elements Podcast brought to you by Restore Hyper Wellness. I’m your host, Eric Hinman. Each week, I sit down with trailblazers in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness communities, exploring how they optimize their daily lives for ultimate performance to do more of what they love.

I am a 5x Ironman athlete, brand builder, and someone who’s obsessed with health and wellness - structuring much of my day around fitness and recovery protocols. 

At age 51, Ken Rideout works in finance, trains as an endurance athlete and is the father of four children, plus the co-host of The Fight Podcast alongside Teddy Atlas. Not only is he aging with intention, he's rewriting the rules of athleticism and age, and juggling his passion with the demands of life, work and family. Plus, he’s super fast on the track, consistently creating new PRs for his age range. Hailed by the NY Time as the “World’s Best Marathoner Over 50,” Rideout finished the N.Y. Marathon in 2:33, winning the 50-54 age group category by a full 16 minutes. And he’s nowhere close to done yet. 

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01:10 Ken’s Reminder to Take NMN 

01:25 NMN Primer from Ken

03:50 Ken’s Fastest Half-Marathon Time is….

06:20 Ken’s Fastest Marathon Time is…

06:29 Ken’s Fastest Ironman Time is…

10:44 Ken’s Weekly Training Regimen

11:30 The Meat and Potatoes of Marathon Training is…

13:50 Eric’s Threshold Increasing Formula

15:20 Marathon Training is Mental

17:30 Training is Hustling All The Time

18:42 Does Ken run every day?

21:20 Ken’s Home Training Secrets

26:30 Eric uses Olympic Lifting as a Stretch Alternative

27:15 Every pound you lose, you can run how much faster?

28:30 How Ken Feels About Cold Plunges

31:05 The Benefits of Cold Therapy

34:40 Ken’s Diet for Endurance Training

37:05 Eric’s Diet for Training

41:40 Ken’s Race Day Routine

46:50 The Highs and Lows of Endurance Racing

48:00 Ken’s Reward Programming 

50:20 Ken’s Networking Advice

52:20 Putting Yourself in Front of Your Tribe

54:50 Curating Your Friend Group

57:00 Working with New Brands

1:00:00 A Big Lesson Eric Learned in Life

1:02:25 Ken’s Inventory Finance Company

1:07:00 I am not good at anything, except trying.

Connect With Ken Rideout

Ken Rideout on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ken_rideout/

Ken Rideout on Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/620979

To listen to The Fight Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fight-with-teddy-atlas/id1450847408

To train with Ken Rideout: https://www.rideoutstrong.com/

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