9 Elements Podcast Episode 7: Angela Gargano

Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman
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February 28, 2023
Image of 9 Elements Podcast host Eric Hinman with guest Angela Gargano, with the title "9 Elements: Angela Gargano on Movement."
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From TV Ninja to Pull-up Expert

Welcome to the 9 Elements Podcast brought to you by Restore Hyper Wellness. I’m your host, Eric Hinman. Each week, I sit down with trailblazers in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness communities, exploring how they optimize their daily lives for ultimate performance to do more of what they love.

I am a 5x Ironman athlete, brand builder, and someone who’s obsessed with health and wellness - structuring much of my day around fitness and recovery protocols. 

Angela Gargano is an AFAA-certified personal trainer and four-time athlete on American Ninja Warrior who also happens to be a gymnast and former biochemist. Her aim in life is to promote positive body image for women, after being made fun of for her “manly” arms and build. Now, she’s an international fitness model with magazine covers, a large social following and after recently moving to Austin, exploring new avenues in life. Through her online fitness venture Strong Feels Good, Gargano has helped over 500 women conquer pull-ups via her Pull-Up Revolution program.

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Angela Gargano Timestamps

00:49 Welcome Angela 

01:10 Angela’s Background 

03:00 Fitness Competitions and Nutrition

04:30 Training Programming with Kathy Savage

07:00 Getting The Pro Card

08:00 Nutrition Tracking

09:25 Eric’s Relationship with Carbs

10:30 Angela’s Intuitive Approach to Eating

12:00 Retiring from Competition

13:40 The End Goal Doesn’t Always Matter

15:40 Giving Yourself Permission to Try New Things

17:00 Becoming An American Ninja Warrior

19:00 Getting The Ninja Bug

21:00 How Angela Tore Her ACL

23:30 Shutting Down Her Gym, Moving to NYC

26:00 Eric’s Barometer for Decisions

28:45 Returning to American Ninja Warrior

32:00 Getting on The Cover of Oxygen Magazine

33:00 Recovering From ACL Surgery

37:00 Accessory Work As An Alternative

38:30 Angela’s Movement Prep

43:00 Angela’s Recovery Routine

45:00 Hot and Cold Exposure Insider Knowledge

49:00 Angela’s Austin Move

50:45 Getting Your First Pull-Up

52:20 The Brain-Lat Connection

53:00 Why The First Pull-up Matters

55:15 How does Angela feel her best?

56:30 How does Eric feel his best?

58:00 Keys to A Longer Life

59:00 Why Women Need to Strength Train

1:01:00 Angela’s Coaching Programs 

Connect With Angela Gargano

Angela Gargano on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angela_gargano/

To learn more about Angela’s coaching, click here: https://www.angela-gargano.com/

To workout with Angela via YouTube, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95by9Al1LNEd5YqCBWjDlg

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