Introducing The 9 Elements Podcast with Eric Hinman

Eric Hinman
Eric Hinman
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January 10, 2023
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From Restore Hyper Wellness®, 9 Elements with Eric Hinman is a podcast that explores how we can live the Hyper Wellness lifestyle with purpose. Each week, Hinman chats with a different guest to reflect on how they incorporate the nine elements of Hyper Wellness into their lives. The 9 elements include Nourishment, Movement, Rest, Heat, Cold, Hydration, Oxygen, Light and Connection. This proactive approach was designed to help you feel your best so you can Do More of what you love! Episodes drop each Tuesday starting on January 17!

9 Elements with Eric Hinman Podcast Guest List

Episode 1: Neen Williams (Movement): Neen Williams is a pro skateboarder turned fitness influencer.

Episode 2: Cait Crowell (Nourishment): Cait Crowell is a Denver-based functional nutritional therapy practitioner.

Episode 3: Greg Scheinman (Heat): Greg Scheinman is the creator of The Midlife Male movement.

Episode 4: Ken Rideout (Oxygen): Ken Rideout is the “World’s Best Marathoner Over 50,” according to the New York Times.

Episode 5: Khalil Rafati (Heat): Khalil Rafati is a bestselling author and owner of Sunlife Organics.

Episode 6: Michael Chernow (Rest): Michael Chernow is a New York restaurateur, entrepreneur and owner of Kreatures of Habit oatmeal.

Episode 7: Angela Gargano (Movement): Angela Gargano is a 4x American Ninja Warrior and pull-up expert.

Episode 8: Jacob Zemer (Light): Jacob Zemer is a New York based performance and accountability coach.

Episode 9: Robbie Balenger (Hydration): Robbie Balenger is a plant-based ultra-endurance runner/

Episode 10: Aaron Alexander (Movement): Aaron Alexander is author of The Align Method and creator of The Align Method program. 

Episode 11: Jim Donnelly (Cold): Jim Donnelly is the founder and CEO of Restore Hyper Wellness.

The Elements of Hyper Wellness®

Only Restore delivers a system of total balance, energy and proactive healing that allows you to feel your best, reach your full potential and do more of what you love. We do this through use of the 9 elements of Hyper Wellness.

We believe in nurturing the body and leveraging strategic, controlled stressors inspired by nature. Our methodology helps empower your body to do what it was designed to do with as little intervention as possible.

Nourishment: Provides nutrients and key building blocks that support body-wide function and defense systems.

Movement: Maximizes longevity, promotes cognitive performance and helps the body to maintain a healthy weight.

Heat: Reduces pain and swelling, improves skin health and clarity, optimizes mood and energy.

Light: Promotes health, optimizes mood and energy, promotes skin health and clarity.

Connection: Promotes emotional balance and mindfulness, reduces stress and improves longevity.

Rest: Lowers stress, aids in mental performance and memory, supports the body’s natural defenses.

Cold: Improves cognitive function, boosts energy, shapes the body’s natural defenses.

Hydration: Promotes optimal energy and brain function, boosts skin clarity, supports body-wide detoxification.

Oxygen: Accelerates healing, improves cognitive function, and may prevent or lessen the effects of aging and injury.

By pairing each guest with an element, The 9 Elements with Eric Hinman Podcast is able to demonstrate how the various elements of Hyper Wellness have been utilized in real-life situations to expand the possibilities of people from an array of backgrounds focused on doing more.

*Restore Hyper Wellness neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made on the podcast by anyone other than authorized Restore Hyper Wellness employees. The content here should not be taken as medical advice. The content here is for informational purposes only: Please consult your healthcare professional for any medical questions. In no way does listening, reading, emailing or interacting on social media with our content establish a doctor-patient relationship.

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