Reboot Your System With March’s Drip of the Month

Jenna Kahn
Jenna Kahn
1 minute read
March 6, 2022
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Each month, we offer a Drip of the Month intended to aid the body through whatever life throws your way. Whether the focus is immunity, energy, detox, or skin health, each season brings a different set of factors that influence the ingredients in our drips.

Spring is notoriously known as a time to clear out the old and plant new seeds for the year ahead, metaphorically, and in our gardens. So this month, we’re offering a drip that’s perfect to pair with our promo of the month, Cryoskin®.

Drip of The Month: The Clean House Drip

This month’s ingredients work together to help the body cleanse the icky stuff caused by environmental stressors, increase energy and boost metabolic health.

This month’s IV Drip may help the body…

B-5: Increase energy production by breaking down fats and carbs.

Taurine: Enhance athletic performance and reduce oxidative stress

Glutathione: Recycle other antioxidants and help reduce cellular damage.

Reboot your system with The Clean House Drip and then fine-tune your figure for warmer weather with Cryoskin!

*Restore Medical services are provided by a physician-owned entity that is independently owned and operated.

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