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Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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June 27, 2022
Image of Sarah Eno inside Restore Hyper Wellness in Kirkland, Washington.
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Sarah Eno is a Restore Hyper Wellness client in Snohomish, Washington that works in Functional Nutrition. As a client that has enjoyed all of Restore’s services, Sarah was no stranger to the welcoming atmosphere of Restore and the ways in which the services help her do more. But in October 2020, Sarah turned to Restore for emotional comfort. And it became her safe space to heal. This is her story.

How do you think emotional wellness is tied to Restore’s services?

Simple really. When you feel good, then you just have a more positive outlook on life. Going to Restore and participating in the health promoting options they provide gives me not only physical benefit but mental and emotional benefit because I feel so much better.

What is your favorite service at Restore and why?

Can I say all? I love the Infrared Sauna, but I also have benefited from the Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cryotherapy and Compression. If I had to pick one, I would say Infrared Sauna because our skin is our second set of kidneys and a great way to detox. Keeps me feeling young, my skin looking great, and gives me energy for days!

Given that grief is such an enormous emotion and one that comes and goes without warning, what tips would you provide to others enduring grief?

In October 2020, when I received the phone call that the doctors unexpectedly found a tumor in my mom’s brain that turned out to be terminal, I was a wreck. It was hard to function and take care of myself and my family. Honestly, I needed space to process. So, I scheduled a sauna session every week to just let my emotions go. I felt like the combination of sweat and tears brought the process to a place that became more manageable. I knew that I had “a place” to just cry my eyes out without having to explain anything. My biggest tip is just let it happen, give yourself space to process. I also just want to add that it is important to talk to someone too and not do this alone. I know that the staff knew I was going through a lot, even having them just know and being a place of sanctuary for my emotions helped me get through. I am grateful for Restore and the staff creating a safe place to heal.

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