Meet The Restore Team: Janet Dutcher

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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October 3, 2022
Image of Restore employee Janet Dutcher reading her book "Hunter Reins" while enjoying Compression at Restore.
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For the past two years, Janet Dutcher has served as a payroll specialist/author at Restore HQ in Austin, Texas. But in keeping with Restore’s “Do More” motto, Janet also completed and self-published her latest work of fiction, “Hunter Reins” last month, and it’s now available for purchase on Amazon. According to Janet, the book is the story of one man’s journey from childhood to adulthood in a post-apocalyptic world. For more info on Janet’s book, check out her site or find her on Instagram!

Years with Restore: Two

Hobbies: Writing fiction, painting, crocheting

Why did I decide to work at Restore? I love the culture and the inspiration of the company as a whole.

Favorite thing about working at Restore? The people and their mindset

My favorite modalities are: Leg compression and IV Drip Therapy

My book is: "Hunter Reins" and it’s available on Amazon books in paperback and Kindle version.

This is what the book is about:

The year is 2190. The world has become apocalyptic. The planet has used up all its fuel sources and has been cursed with an incurable deadly virus, wiping out half of the earth’s population. Countries have been destroyed by war, bombs, cyber-attacks, and the sun penetrating much of earth’s layers. Anyone left on earth, must live out the remainder of their lives to scavenging and battling whatever elements are thrown their way. This is a story of one man’s journey from childhood to adulthood. His story of survival, justice, peace, and love. This is the story of Hunter Reins.

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