Meet The Restore Team: Kody Sadler

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
5 minute read
June 20, 2022
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In this edition of Meet The Restore team, we’re featuring Kody Sadler, an Operations Educator at Restore HQ in Austin, Texas. Before college and Restore, Kody spent five years in the Army, but his career was cut short after a parachuting accident. Managing his injuries sparked an interest in physical therapy.

How did you find Restore?

Prior to college and Restore I spent 5 years in the Army, I was injured in a parachuting accident that cut my career short and was left with a pretty beat up body. Little did I know that this accident would put me on my current trajectory in life. Because of my injuries, I took an interest in Physical Therapy so I moved to Texas, sight unseen, and went to Texas State University. I wanted to be able to ensure that I was able to take care of myself moving forward, but I also wanted to find a way that I could directly help people. After I graduated college with an Exercise Sports Science degree, I happened across Restore. It was a career path that I already was comfortable working in, but this offered me the opportunity to get a high level of satisfaction from what I do by helping people.

My modality routine at Restore? 

That's gotta be all about the IV's and Whole Body Cryotherapy. I love being able to target and boost my micronutrients with the IV but most important to me is the hydration, especially before I spend a few days out on the water chasing fish. Then it's all about recovery and pain management with Whole Body Cryotherapy. I use Whole Body to mitigate my previous injuries so I can keep moving, because a body in motion will stay in motion.

Who is Dale?

Dale has been the patient caretaker of me for the last eight years. A lady in a Walmart parking lot had him for sale for fifteen dollars as a puppy and he's been with me ever since. He's been popping into Restore for the last eight months ensuring that morale stays at high level. And his hobbies include spilling water and breathing loudly in peoples faces, but mostly just laying there being perfect.

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