Recharge with September’s Drip of The Month

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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September 1, 2022
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Ready for your monthly refresh? Each month, Restore offers a Drip of the Month tailored to the month’s specific challenges. Whether the focus is immunity, energy, detox, or skin health, each season brings a different set of factors that influence the ingredients in our drips.

Welcome to September. It’s time to recharge your batteries after the long summer. The Bounce Back Drip can help you power up - with three ingredients that promote athletic recovery.

Vitamin C: Immune booster, collagen production, wound healing and iron absorption

B Complex: Supports healthy skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells

Glutathione: Master antioxidant, fights damage from stress, helps in anti-aging

Drip tip: Double up your dose of B Complex, which may reduce the body’s response to stress. And don't forget: the DOTM is the same price as our Base IV, so you're getting an extra ingredient free!

And that’s not all: Through September 30, buy a 5-Pack of Circad Oxygen Facials & get 1 FREE. Treat yourself to this luxurious 3-step facial perfect for all skin types. 

This breakthrough facial may help:

Eliminate acne-causing bacteria

Reverse the signs of aging

Reduce the signs of rosacea and spider veins

And it includes

An exfoliating mask

An oxygenating mask

A hydrating mask 

Give your skin the love it deserves. And contact your local Restore to schedule a Drip! Offer available through September 30. 

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