Balancing Dad Life with Men’s Health

Brian Ossip
Brian Ossip
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June 22, 2022
Image of a Restore employee being interviewed about being a father and retaining an active lifestyle.
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David Wimberly is Restore’s Chief of Staff to the CEO and a father of four children. While men’s health is important to him, it’s also important to David to get dad time in as well.

According to David, it’s a fine balancing act. He tries to make his self care a time to also engage and challenge his children. And he’s also teaching his children the value in doing the work. For example, he started with a simple chore for each of his kids during the summer vacation: Do one physical thing each day. And they’re adapting to a more physical lifestyle as a result.

In this video, we asked David about how he approached men’s health, and how he balances his time. And the main issue for David was setting a good lesson for his children. “It’s tough for me to do something on my own. I want to engage with them and I want them to see that it’s important to do something.”

But in the process, he’s taking care of himself and challenging his children: To work hard, to know the value of exercise and also build their resilience to stress.

"I have less time. Well, we all have the same amount of time. But I do have less usable time. I devote last time and now it's a balancing act, right? Like I can do something for myself. But for what? Is it for myself? Is their opportunity to engage with my kids and I've got four children. And so it is a struggle, and it becomes I either have to get up much earlier than everyone else, which I already do, but now it's even earlier to spend that time or I'm going to sacrifice some time with them to do it. And so that that is the probably the biggest challenge, just like where where do I create that time for myself to do something to take care of other than kind of doing something that goes into motion?"

"Yeah, it's tough to do something on my own, so I want to engage with them. I also want them to see that it's important to do something. Yeah. And so, so for example, part of their summer chores, one of their chore every day is to do something physical, to work out. And there's a couple of different things that we have that allow them to do that. There's a dice actually has different workouts on it."

"I think we've got to set an example. As a parent, as a father on it. But at the same time, it is time away. So how can I engage them in a way that ends up being meaningful for me?"

Watch the full video above and ask yourself (if you happen to be a dad), how are you challenging your children to value health and exercise?

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