Balancing Dad Life with Men’s Health

Brian Ossip
Brian Ossip
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June 22, 2022
Image of a Restore employee being interviewed about being a father and retaining an active lifestyle.
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David Wimberly is Restore’s Chief of Staff to the CEO and a father of four children. While men’s health is important to him, it’s also important to David to get dad time in as well.

According to David, it’s a fine balancing act. He tries to make his self care a time to also engage and challenge his children. And he’s also teaching his children the value in doing the work. For example, he started with a simple chore for each of his kids during the summer vacation: Do one physical thing each day. And they’re adapting to a more physical lifestyle as a result.

In this video, we asked David about how he approached men’s health, and how he balances his time. And the main issue for David was setting a good lesson for his children. “It’s tough for me to do something on my own. I want to engage with them and I want them to see that it’s important to do something.”

But in the process, he’s taking care of himself and challenging his children: To work hard, to know the value of exercise and also build their resilience to stress.

Watch the full video above and ask yourself (if you happen to be a dad), how are you challenging your children to value health and exercise?

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