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Christina Bates
Christina Bates
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April 21, 2023
Restore Hyper Wellness members leaving after utilizing their Core Membership Package.
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Updated January 2024

We believe in the democratization of proactive, preventative healthcare to help our clients feel their best, so they can do more of what they love through personalized, science-backed therapies. And monthly Memberships at Restore Hyper Wellness makes it easier to stick to your self-care routine and reach your goals!

Membership Benefits

We believe a regimen of Core Services and IV Drips are essential to taking a proactive, preventative approach to your health and well-being.

30% Off Services & Packages
Did you know that as a Restore Member, you pay Member pricing on services and packages you purchase in addition to what's included in your Membership? This means that as a Member, you'll save as much as 30% on any additional service or package, compared to regular pricing. For example, if you have a Discover Membership and are interested in getting a Hydrafacial, you'll save 30% on your service!

Members-Only Nights
Once a month, our Members-Only Nights provide valuable insights into our science-based therapies and allow our experts to present an educational deep dive before answering your top FAQs. These are exclusive to our Restore Members and take place on Zoom.


Below is a summary of our monthly Memberships. Want more? View our Memberships.

Discover Membership

Four (4) Core Services: Cryotherapy (Whole Body or Local), Red Light Therapy, Compression, Infrared Sauna


One (1) Base IV Drip

Best for new clients! Start coming once a week and integrating the transformative power of our therapies into your routine. With our Discover Membership, you can trade 4 credits for a Base IV. Unused credits expire 100 days from issuance.

Level Up Membership

Eight (8) Core Services


Two (2) Base IV Drips

An IV Drip with two standard ingredients

Our most popular Membership!
A Level Up Membership gives you increased weekly access to our therapies, so you can use them regularly and better harness the benefits. Mix and match your credits in a few different ways: 8 Core Services or 2 base IV Drips, or 4 Core Services plus 1 base IV Drip. Like Discover, Level Up allows you to trade 4 credits for a Base IV. Unused credits expire 100 days from issuance.

Elevate Membership

Fourteen (14) Core Services


Three (3) Base IV Drips

Rejuvenate consistently!
Accelerate your healing and boost mood, energy and sleep with our Elevate Membership. These Members can trade 4 credits for a Base IV. Unused credits expire 100 days after issuance.

Core Membership

Thirty-One (31) Core Services

Reach your goals faster and save money! 
Clients who use our therapies daily love our Core Membership to help get more rest, energy and mental focus---to do more of what they love. Unused credits expire at the end of each month. Core Membership credits cannot be applied towards a Base IV.


Prices vary by studio and Membership type. Find and view your local studio page for pricing information.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact your local Restore studio.

Walk-In Services

Regardless of what therapy or Membership you’re seeking out, walk-in visits are available.

Get a Personalized 30-Day Wellness Plan

Starting in 2024, we now create customized Wellness Plans to help you reach your goals. Simply visit your nearest Restore studio and ask to speak to a Wellness Rep.

All Monthly Memberships are for a three-month minimum commitment period and will automatically renew on a monthly basis until terminated or canceled (see Cancellation provision below). It’s possible to stack memberships. Inquire at your local location for further details. (For example, if you want to do Cryotherapy regularly but also get one IV Drip per month, you can stack the Discover Membership and the Core Membership to achieve that Do More goal.) Certain restrictions apply. Inquire with your Home Location for additional details.

The content on our site, blog posts, educational materials, app, promotional newsletters, and any other written content are not intended to replace an evaluation with a qualified healthcare professional and are not intended as medical advice.

Terms and restrictions may apply. Prices and services subject to change without warning. Discounts cannot be combined or redeemed for cash value. Medical services are provided by an independently-owned physician practice. Some services may require medical clearance and a prescription. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Services and prices may vary per location.

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