Benefits of Earthing

Jenna Kahn
Jenna Kahn
5 minute read
April 22, 2022
Woman Lying on Ground, experiencing the benefits of earthing.
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Tree huggers, rejoice! There’s science behind the benefits of earthing, but you already intuitively knew that, didn’t you? As an often barefoot, wild-haired nature-lover myself, I’ve always made it a priority to visit the woods a few times a week. Why? Because I feel so much better after. No matter what happened during my day, or if I have a particularly daunting decision to make, spending time with my feet on a forest floor always brings me more clarity. The best part about earthing is that even if you live in a city far from access to a trail or park, all you need to do is step outside.

Earthing, also known as grounding, is a technique that has been used by civilizations far before ours to help connect to the electrical charges from the earth. You can practice reconnecting with our beautiful blue mother by walking barefoot outside, lying on the ground, or wading in a clean body of water. In doing so, there are a host of benefits that may surprise you:

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

If we told you that incorporating grounding into your daily lifestyle could have profound effects on aches and pains, inflammation, and stress, would you believe it?

There’s a reason that the earth is referred to as the original painkiller, and there’s ample science to support it. You can think of earthing like a feedback loop. When lying on the ground outside, you’re in direct contact with the earth’s electrical system. Electrons from the earth travel up to meet the body which then neutralizes positively charged inflammatory free radicals. Talk about a supercharged antioxidant!

Boost Mood

There’s a reason why stepping outside on a sunny day, taking a walk in the woods, or relaxing on the beach has such an incredible impact on our mental health. Connecting to nature helps foster a greater connection to not only the world around us but to ourselves.

Just one hour of grounding can have a major impact on your mood. So next time you take that time for yourself, kick off your shoes, feel the healing ground beneath your feet, and see if you can notice a difference in your mood!

Improve Sleep and Stress

Who doesn’t wish for more restful sleep? As a fast-paced culture that lives and works in places high off the ground, we have adapted far away from a civilization that once slept against the earth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reconnect with a healing technique as old as time, plus we’ll get a better night’s rest! In a study observing grounded sleeping, participants experienced significantly lower levels of cortisol during sleep, while ​​sleep dysfunction, pain, and stress were greatly reduced. So next time that 3 PM slump hits, try your power nap on the lawn!

Earthing is Simple and Free

Unless you choose to purchase conductive equipment for use indoors, earthing is completely free, accessible and so simple to get started outdoors. Look for conductive surfaces like grass, soil, gravel, stone, and sand, and let mama earth take it from there.

We need vitamin D from the sun, 93 million miles away, just as much as we need earth’s healing properties found right below our feet. So on your next (or first) earthing session, take time to appreciate all of the ways the earth has your back.

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