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Christina Bates
Christina Bates
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November 21, 2023
Woman enjoys benefits of Cryotherapy at Restore Hyper Wellness
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Our experts want to help you to feel your best year-round, and the holidays can be the most challenging time of the year to accomplish your goals and feel refreshed.

Winter holidays typically mean an increased number of social activities, hosting, travel, and illnesses, so we put together a Healthy Holiday Guide to help you do more of what you love through personalized, science-backed therapies.

Support Your Immunity With IV Drip Therapy

These IV Drip ingredients can help when you may be traveling more or when your mind is working overtime to attend your holiday parties.

Vitamin C 

According to Examine, the largest database of nutrition and supplement research on the internet, "Vitamin C is a water-soluble essential vitamin that humans cannot synthesize from their bodies, so it must be acquired through dietary intake. Vitamin C is important for immune system function and is a powerful antioxidant. It also acts as a cofactor for collagen synthesis."


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant involved in DNA synthesis and repair, amino acid transport, metabolism of toxins and carcinogens, and immune system function. It also neutralizes reactive oxygen species (AKA free radicals) and regenerates other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

Some antioxidants like vitamin C and glutathione can help prepare the immune system to fight infection more effectively. 


Zinc is heavily involved in immune function and supports DNA synthesis, wound healing, cell signaling and division, and men's sexual health.

Short On Time?

An IV Drip Therapy session can take 60–90 minutes, but you can get all three of these IV Drip ingredients in our tri-immune IM Shot in under 15 minutes.

Re-Energize With Cryotherapy & Infrared Sauna

After a big day of eating, you might be moving slowly or feeling run down. After your IV Drip, try a quick Cryo session before sweating it out in our Infrared Sauna for a complete refresh. 


Cryotherapy exposes your entire body to sub-zero temperatures inside a chamber while listening to your favorite song. Cold therapy may enhance white blood cell response and improve your sleep.

Cryotherapy May Help:

  • Boost energy, mood, and sleep 
  • Relieve pain, swelling, and stress
  • Promote healing and athletic recovery

Infrared Sauna

An Infrared Sauna is more effective at penetrating your tissues than a traditional sauna and operates at a lower temperature.

Infrared Sauna May Help:

  • Detoxify heavy metals
  • Improve circulation and heart health
  • Boost energy and healing

Read more about the benefits of an Infrared Sauna.

Recommended Order

If you’re interested in all three therapies, we recommend starting with an IV Drip before a quick Cryotherapy session. Afterward, finish your rejuvenation with a restorative sweat session in our Infrared Sauna.

Get A Customized Wellness Plan

Our personalized wellness plans are designed to deliver the results our clients want on their schedules. Each treatment at Restore has been individually vetted by our Chief Medical Officer, with detailed testing completed by our research team.

Lock in your appointments to rejuvenate during the holiday season. Contact your nearest Restore studio.

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