How IM Shots Can Be A Part of Your Wellness Journey

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
5 minute read
February 23, 2022
Image of a woman receiving an IM Shot at Restore Hyper Wellness.
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Let’s be honest: less stress is something we should try to practice in all walks of life, including the efforts we take to achieve wellness. And finding the right supplementation shouldn’t add stress to your already hectic life. What if there was a way to avoid the stress and get the supplements you need without overwhelming trips to the vitamin store or costly supplement shipments?

There is. And you can easily make it part of your wellness journey. It’s called an IM (intramuscular) shot, and it’s quick and easy.

An IM (intramuscular) shot is an injection of vitamins, minerals or specific amino/enzyme blends that are typically administered into the deltoid muscle of the arm (or glute) and allows for the supplement to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. It’s not a hydration boost like IV Therapy, but it takes a fraction of the time that IV does and offers rapid and uniform absorption, as opposed to oral or subcutaneous routes. So you can choose to focus on your wellness journey and get your supplements delivered straight into your muscle, where 100 percent of the supplement can be utilized by the body. And suddenly, you’ve got more time to walk, run and get those step counts elevated to new heights!

Let’s say, for example, that you haven’t gotten enough sunlight in the past few days and are feeling fatigued. Sunlight is essential for the body to manufacture vitamin D, and since we spend the majority of our time indoors, vitamin D deficiencies are more common these days. These deficiencies can lead to fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness and even depression. And sometimes, we can’t always get the necessary sun we need (especially during the winter and even more so in dark, rainy climates.)

But there’s an efficient path back to wellness in your quest for Vitamin D: IM shots. In less than a minute, you can have a Vitamin D (Cholecalciferiol) shot administered to supplement your body’s needs.

And while we’d all prefer the natural route of Vitamin D synthesis, it’s not always easy to schedule an hour outside around the demands of modern living. Between seasonal changes and work schedules, it’s comforting to know that a quick stop into Restore for an IM Shot can be the wellness shortcut that gives us that extra vitamin boost without added stress. So you don’t need to rely on the sun to supply all of your Vitamin D needs.

So you can sit back, relax and plan your wellness journey around your busy life without worry.

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