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Jenna Kahn
Jenna Kahn
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January 4, 2022
Founder and CEO Jim Donnelly smiles next to the Texas Business Minds Podcast logo.
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With health & wellness top of mind in the new year, Austin Business Journal Managing Editor Will Anderson welcomed Restore Hyper Wellness Co-Founder & CEO Jim Donnelly to share the growth and vision of his Austin-based company. Restore provides proactive wellness solutions, including Cryotherapy, IV drip and Red Light Therapy in an accessible, affordable franchise model. Donnelly retraces the path that led him to launch the company, and why the franchise model has been so successful.

On his favorite services at Restore: "I'll forever love cryotherapy. I do that quite regularly. I get an IV drip every 10 days, and I have a very specific set of micronutrients I put into that. I love to do the red light therapy after cryotherapy. I have a very regular hyperbaric protocol that I follow. I essentially do everything, but for me, if I go three or four days without going into a Restore and doing at least cryotherapy or another service, I start to feel a little creaky and I'm eager to get in. I'm 52. At this point, I have to be a little more cognizant of my health and those sorts of things. I'm a customer, I use everything that we have. I love it. It makes me feel better. I get blood tests and those sorts of things to test how my body is performing. And I am younger today, if you measure my inner age, than I was six years ago. That's something that I'm super proud of personally, and something that we're trying to take to the masses."

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