Use Your Membership at Any Restore Studio Nationwide

Restore Hyper Wellness Writer
Restore Hyper Wellness Writer
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May 13, 2024
Restore Hyper Wellness clients enjoy Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy and Compression.
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Take Your Membership with You

Your Restore Membership just got even better. Now, you can use it at any Restore studio nationwide.

As you probably know, your Restore Membership grants you a set number of Credits for Core Services every month. And now, those Credits can be used at any Restore studio. This means whether you're traveling out of state or just need a rejuvenating appointment across town, you have the freedom to choose any location.

Core Services 

Your Core Services Credits can be used for:

Did You Know?
Restore is the largest wellness company in the country, with over 225+ studios nationwide. This expansive network ensures that wherever you are, you're never far from a Restore studio.

Our commitment is to enhance the quality of your life, health, and longevity. 

We achieve this through:

When you visit any Restore studio, you'll be greeted by experienced Wellness Reps ready to assist you.

Membership Update FAQs 

Here are some common questions about the new Membership update:

Can I use 5-Packs and 10-Packs at other studios? 

All packages, IV Ingredient Packs, and first-month membership promotions are non-transferable and must be used at the studio from which they were purchased. Not all services are available at all locations. 

What if I have a question for my local studio? 

Please contact your local Restore studio for assistance. We're eager to help you!

Try a New Studio 

When you need a boost in energy from Red Light Therapy, better sleep from Cryotherapy or deep hydration with an IV Drip, try a new studio. It's a chance to experience a different environment while benefiting from the same quality of therapies and services.

View Locations 

Explore our nationwide network of studios, and plan your next visit.

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