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Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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April 11, 2022
Image of Restore CEO Jim Donnelly promoting his latest podcast for dojo.live.
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This past week, dojo.live’s own America Guerrero and Kim Lantis grabbed Restore CEO Jim Donnelly for a quick chat about his personal history, Restore’s roots and his emotional ties to the brand. The bulk of the discussion entailed a subject dear to Jim’s heart: why mastering the art of crying is essential to starting a new company.

According to Jim, “My favorite saying is: A day that I don’t cry is a day that I don’t feel and a day that I don’t feel is a wasted day. That’s the ethos of Restore: If you’re not feeling this, it’s because you’re not doing meaningful things. We’re a mission driven company and we’re fundamentally changing health and wellness in this country.”

But it didn’t start and stop there.

On creating a mission-driven organization: "We believe that [business people] should do things like creating a mission-driven organization, and show that they really care [...] It's more than just about making money."

On boosting your overall wellness: “We’re trying to get people on a positive feedback loop. The point of Restore is, the more you do, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more of those things you can do. Then you get to do more of what you love to do."

On the little things: "The little things you do every day add up to bigger and better health improvement, and technology helps us bring that to life through personalized protocols and recommendations."

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Listen/watch the discussion here.

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