Jim Donnelly on The Fitt Insider Podcast

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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March 31, 2022
Image of Restore CEO Jim Donnelly, who appeared on the Fitt Insider Podcast.
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Today in the Podcast world, Restore CEO joined The Fitt Insider Podcast, speaking to Joe Vennara of Fitt Insider about the history of Restore, the range of people that come to Restore on a regular basis, the elements of Hyper Wellness and more. Naturally, Jim’s delivery is more enthusiastic than reading about it in a blog, but there are a few of our favorite things from the conversation.

Entering into a positive feedback loop: “The little things that you do today over time are what create the big results later. And so the neat thing about what we do is we get you on this virtuous cycle: The better you feel, the more you do, the more you do, the better you feel.”

Transcending demographics: “We don’t want to just do this for pro athletes and rich people. We have the highest level athletes in the world. That’s really super cool. But I get more gratification out of a school teacher or a firefighter being able to come into Restore and deal with the fact that they’re on their feet all the time, they’re doing this really hard manual thing. And when they get hurt, they actually can’t perform their job. So that is what I think makes us super proud of our mission.”

On proactive care: “The sooner people start proactively taking care of their health and wellness, the better they are prepared to deal with the things that they’re absolutely going to run into…. The key is starting earlier. I started in a hardcore way, as the CEO of Restore at 46. I completely changed a lot of the things that I do. I wish I had started at 36. But my kids, my kids will be on a different trajectory because from a very early age, they’re going to do the things that long-term will improve their health span.”

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