Restore Hyper Wellness Featured on Up Next in Commerce Podcast

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
56 minute listen
December 7, 2022
Images that reads "Marketing healthcare as fun" from the Up Next in Commerce Podcast
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This week, Restore CEO Jim Donnelly and CMO David Fossas appeared on the Austin-based Up Next in Commerce podcast to discuss the joys and challenges of operating within a franchise model, and why they are committed to making health and wellness treatments safe, fun, and affordable. Within the full podcast are elements about Restore that distinguish Hyper Wellness® as a construct for better health and living, for everyone, everywhere. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways. 

Restore Has A Construct

“Number one: It has to make you feel better right away. Number two: It has to be proven by some kind of scientific or medical studies. Number three: It has to be something we can democratize,” says CEO Jim Donnelly. “So if we can’t disrupt it or make it more affordable and accessible to people, it’s probably not something we want to sink our teeth in. And then finally: It has to be something we can do consistently that offers consistent results. So I.E., something that’s scalable because we do this across the country in hundreds of retail outlets. If it feels different in Austin than California or Wichita, then we’re probably doing something we shouldn’t be doing.”

Restore is Social

“We talk about Restore experiences being effective, fun, social and transparent, and to me, that’s very different from what you would see at a physician’s office,” says CMO David Fossas. “It was one of the first things I noticed when I came into Restore. I came in at 6:30 on a Tuesday; there were two women doing compression together with another sitting next to them talking. There was a spa and a nail salon just down the way and it was an a-ha moment for me that this was a social activity just as much as it was a health activity. And one of the biggest challenges consumers and healthcare brands face is that it’s just not fun.”

Restore is For Everyone

“There isn’t a single human being walking the earth that doesn’t have a need state that Restore fulfills,” says CEO Jim Donnelly. “Everybody gets sick at some point. Everybody wants to build their immunity. Everybody wants more energy. Everyone wants to live longer. People get injured. People want to perform better when they’re playing sports. Most brands have a very specific target customer, but when everybody is your customer? And by the way, go in on an afternoon and you’ll see that: There will be a grandmother sitting next to an MMA fighter sitting next to a 15-year-old elite soccer kid. It’s great, I love it. It’s one of the things that gets me so excited to be in the studios, the range of people. And by the way, I do think because they’re being proactive about their health and wellness, they’re happier, they’re more positive. It’s a really lovely environment.”

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