8 Things You Should Know About Vitamin C

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
5 minute read
January 13, 2023
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Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that your body utilizes for the growth and repair of all tissues in your body, including blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen in bones. But that’s not all. Vitamin C is an important part of the body’s healing process, and additionally, it’s an antioxidant that may help with immunity, skin health and more. In case you’ve ever been curious about all of the important functions of Vitamin C in the body, here is an assortment of ways in which Vitamin C can optimize your health and wellness.

8 Things You Should Know About Vitamin C

Vitamin C May Support Immunity

Vitamin C stimulates the formation of antibodies, and the production, function and movement of white blood cells.  Antibodies are proteins that fight pathogens that shouldn’t be in your body, while white blood cells (leukocytes) are responsible for protecting your body from infection.  

Vitamin C is Great for Skin

Vitamin C is the antioxidant most present in human skin, only a small amount of the vitamin you consume makes its way there (because of its solubility). Vitamin C serums can be topically applied to the skin and may provide benefits such as protection against damage caused by UV exposure, including collagen damage and wrinkling. And while it’s no replacement for sunscreen, a vitamin C serum routinely applied before sun exposure may help prevent premature aging of the skin. And according to the American Journal of Nutrition, higher intakes of vitamin C is associated with better skin-aging appearance.

Vitamin C Improves Iron Absorption

Iron is an important nutrient that has a variety of functions. It is essential for making red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body. Vitamin C can help improve the absorption of iron from the diet. It assists in converting iron that is poorly absorbed, such as plant-based sources, into a form that is easier to absorb. This is especially beneficial if you follow a plant-based diet.

Vitamin C is a Stress Buster

People who have high levels of vitamin C do not show the expected mental and physical signs of stress when subjected to acute psychological challenges. What's more, they bounce back from stressful situations faster than people with low levels of vitamin C in their blood.

Vitamin C May Be Associated with Lower Risk of Stroke

A pooled analysis of 6 studies showed that participants with a higher level of circulating vitamin C had a 38% lower risk of stroke. Further studies show that, “Vitamin C plays an important role in reducing the risk of ischemic stroke by protecting the cardiovascular system and preventing atherosclerosis through anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and endothelial protective effects.”

Vitamin C May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Vitamin C supplements have been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. These supplements may lower heart disease risk factors, including high blood levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides.

Vitamin C Is Not Stored In The Body

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient, so it has a low storage capacity within the body. Unless you’re constantly getting Vitamin C, you could be deficient within weeks. 

Vitamin C is Not Synthesized In The Body

Due to an unfortunate evolutionary mutation, humans have lost the ability to synthesize Vitamin C, so you have to get it from the foods you eat. Sounds easy enough, right? It should be, if you have steady access to foods that include Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, peppers, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and strawberries. Fortunately, Vitamin C has also been synthesized and readily available as a supplement for the past 90 years. 

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