Can IV Drip Therapy Cure Hangovers?

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
4 minute read
January 1, 2022
Two people receiving IV drip therapy and conversing, sitting in plush chairs.
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Happy new year! Time to set new goals and get back on the exercise kick. But first, did the score of last night’s partying end with hangover 1, you zero? Let’s set your first goal now: Take care of that hangover.

A hangover, in non-clinical terms, is the brain and body boo boo brought on by the over-consumption of alcohol. It can lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue and much more. You might know it as the terrible feeling that keeps you in bed all day after a night of drinking. That feeling stems from one huge factor: dehydration.

And it's common knowledge by now, but here's your reminder: drinking alcohol dehydrates you. But there’s an expressway to re-hydration: IV therapy.

IV therapy may help hangovers pass you by a lot faster. Because we are so dehydrated when we’re hungover, pumping fluid into our bloodstream aids with hydration. A lot of IV blends include lots of water, as well as vitamins that will help replenish electrolytes. And it may ease New Year hangover blues easier than a polar bear plunge or plate of vegan bacon chili cheese French fries from Plow Burger.

So where should you start? We've got an option.

Restore’s New Myers Cocktail is an IV Drip Therapy that delivers magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins and Vitamin C via IV to your bloodstream. It may help hydrate you, as well as replenish vitamins and minerals to boost your natural defenses.

How does it work? A small catheter is inserted into a vein, and the infusion is given over 20-30 minutes. Side effects are rare and usually limited to local irritation of the vein. The most common sensations are heat and flushing (from magnesium). Want the youthful glow of Brad Pitt or Gwyneth Paltrow? The New Myers Cocktail may help achieve that! But it won’t get you a role in “The Royal Tenenbaums 2.”

As for your hangover, hydrating is job number one today. Get up, start drinking water and choose your IV Drip Therapy wisely.

Learn more about Restore IV Drip Therapy.

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