How IV Drips Can Help You Recover After The Holidays

Christina Bates
Christina Bates
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January 1, 2022
Two clients at Restore Hyper Wellness receiving IV Drip Therapy while sitting in chairs and talking.
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Updated December 2023

The new year is a time to set new health goals and recommit to your health. However, social events during the holidays and New Year's Eve may include alcohol consumption that leaves you feeling depleted of energy, hydration and mental clarity. An IV Drip can be an excellent way to help your body recover or avoid these symptoms altogether. 

Why IV Drip Therapy?

Intaking ingredients via IV Drip Therapy may allow for nutrients to be 100% bioavailable to the body, compared to 15-20% when ingested orally.

IV Drip Therapy may help the body:

  • Hydrate and cleanse
  • Replenish vital nutrients
  • Maximize performance and focus

IV Drip Ingredients

Certain ingredients can help replenish your body with the nutrients you need to feel your best. 

ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid)

ALA is known as the “universal antioxidant”—meaning it is a free radical

scavenger. Free radicals are an aging accelerator and form when the

body is under a significant amount of physical or chemical stress.

ALA can only be purchased as a 3-pack or 6-pack and cannot be added as a single ingredient to an IV Drip.

Benefits may include:

• Potentiating other antioxidants—glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E

• Blood sugar control

• Inhibiting fat cell formation

• Energy production

• Liver regeneration

B5 (Dexpanthenonol)

B5 is a water-soluble B vitamin that helps the body use fats and proteins. It is often called the “Energy Vitamin.”

Benefits may include:

• Boosted energy and metabolism

• Increased manufacturing of red blood cells

• Increased cholesterol synthesis

• Hormone production assistance

• A healthy digestive tract

• Boosted energy by breaking down carbs and fats

B6 (Pyridoxine)

B6 is important in the function of the nervous system, liver health, skin health, and eye health. Often called the “Brain Vitamin”.

Benefits may include:

• Boosted brain function

• Increased energy production

• Hemoglobin production (the oxygen-carrying red blood cells)

• Regulated mood and improvements to sleep disorders


This nutrient plays key roles in the brain and nervous system and pairs well with B-Complex.

Benefits may include:

• Increased usage of fat and carbs for energy

• Increased oxygen reuptake

• Assisted nerve growth and development

• Improved communication between nerve cells

• Improved adrenal function

• Improved emotional and mental energy

• Improved concentration and memory function

• Balanced mood and calming effects


Glutamine is a vital fuel source for the intestines and immune system that helps keep defenses up against microbes.

Benefits may include:

• Increased gut health; improved gut lining

• Decreased sugar cravings

• Decreased muscle soreness

• Hydrated muscles and skin


Glutathione is the “mother of all antioxidants” and a “master detoxifier.” It is an amino acid made in the liver. It facilitates the recycling of vitamins C and E, optimizing the performance of the antioxidant system.

Benefits may include:

• Increased toxin and heavy metal excretion

• Decreased risk for chronic diseases and illnesses. Low levels of glutathione are linked to chronic diseases.

• Decreased muscle breakdown

• Increased anti-aging

• Decreased damage from stress


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that supports energy metabolism.

Benefits may include:

• Fat cell mobilization

• Suppressed appetite

• Improved athletic performance and endurance

• Reduced body fat storage

• Decreased muscle soreness

• Decreased lactic acid buildup in the body

• Increased glucose uptake into muscle

What To Expect

Service duration is 60-90 minutes, including medical forms and a telemed call with a medical professional. Side effects are rare and usually limited to local irritation of the vein. The most common sensations are heat and flushing (from magnesium). Concerns and allergies should be discussed with the medical professional during your telemed call. 

Start Feeling Better

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