Here's A Quick Sunburn Hack

Brian Ossip
Brian Ossip
5 minute read
August 17, 2022
Image of a woman with severe sunburn on her shoulder.
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Ahh... hot summer days–gotta love em’. That is, until you’ve had a bit too much sun. If you know what a real good, lobster-colored, pain-inducing sunburn feels like, you’ll take our advice: prevention is important.

For instance, did you know that Vitamin C can provide a protective effect against sunburn?

Studies have shown that using sunscreen with Vitamin C protects the skin from further damage caused by ultraviolet rays. This information is important because most people don’t know that you can protect your skin even further than just sunscreen.” -Kim Chang, Medical aesthetician at Baylor College of Medicine.

A quick and easy way to get a massive dose of Vitamin C is through our High Dose Vitamin C IV Drip, because the antioxidant activity of Vitamin C made it an excellent candidate as a protective factor against UV irradiation. But that’s selling Vitamin C’s role in skin health short. 

This free-radical scavenger lives out our company motto everyday: do more (even when no one is looking.) By helping to prevent or slow any damage to our cells when we expose our bodies to stressful conditions, this antioxidant surely wins the Do More award. And because it’s still summertime, it’s not too late to get an extra boost of skin protection.

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