How Often Should You Get IV Drips? 

Restore Hyper Wellness Writer
Restore Hyper Wellness Writer
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June 25, 2024
Man gets IV Drip Therapy at Restore Hyper Wellness
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IV Drips
can help replenish vital nutrients, boost energy, support skin and hair health and more. But how often should you book your appointments? 

The frequency of IV Drips depends on the type of IV Drip you choose and the specific ingredients it contains. In this post, our experts break down the recommended frequency based on various types of IV Drips and the benefits they can offer.

Types of IV Drips & Recommended Frequencies

Recovery Drips

Immunity Drips

The New Meyer’s

  • Ingredients: Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Manganese, Magnesium, B Complex, Vitamin C
  • Frequency: Weekly to monthly
  • Benefits: Help fortify your body’s resistance to illness with this comprehensive blend. Designed to combat fatigue, enhance energy levels and support general health, the New Meyer’s is one of our most popular IV Drips. The frequency can be adjusted based on individual needs and response to treatment.

Drips with Glutathione 

NAD+ Drips

Drips with Amino Acids

Age-Defying Drips

Safety and Monitoring

IV Drips at Restore Hyper Wellness are administered and monitored by Registered Nurses committed to safety and care. Each IV Drip has the highest quality ingredients, and we tailor each blend to your specific needs based on your health history, allergies and goals.

IV Drips can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine, but the frequency of treatment should be personalized to match your health needs and objectives. Whether you're looking to boost your immune system, enhance athletic performance or improve skin health, there's an IV Drip to support your journey. 

Book your IV Drip appointment. and learn more about our IV Drip Menu. Let us help you achieve your health goals with tailored, high-quality IV Drip Therapy.

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