Meet The Restore Team: Jeanne Chauvin

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
5 minute read
May 23, 2022
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Introducing Jeanne Chauvin. Most days, Jeanne works at Restore Hyper Wellness corporate as an executive assistant, but there’s much more to Jeanne than her day job. For the past 15 years, Jeanne has also taught group fitness classes at Lifetime Fitness. And before that, Jeanne taught group fitness in Dallas for 20 years! Currently, she teaches 5 classes a week, while also working full-time and raising 3 children. Here at Restore, the ethos of “Do More” is exemplified by Jeanne’s commitment. Thanks for everything you do Jeanne!

“I started teaching in 1986 for a club out of Dallas called The Waist Basket. In 1988, I started teaching for a local club - Body Business and taught there for 20 years. I'm now at Lifetime Fitness in my 15th year. I've always taught alongside working full-time, and raising 3 children. Formats I teach include strength, cardio, core, and kickboxing.”

What do you like about teaching group fitness classes?

  1. I get to inspire 150 - 200 members every week.
  2. I love being on stage motivating and guiding the members.
  3. I get to create my workouts and playlists.
  4. It definitely keeps me disciplined  and aligned with my fitness goals.
  5. It’s a huge stress reliever!

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