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March 7, 2022
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South by Southwest 2022 is coming up quickly, and because the past two years have been virtual, SXSW 2022 is gearing up to be one to remember. Music is back, films are back and comedy is back. And with all of those outlets, the crowds are back. If you haven’t visited SXSW before, you picked the right year to attend. And if you’re coming back after a two-year hiatus, welcome back to town. Whether you’re here as a fan, or speaking at a conference, or playing music in your new post-pandemic band, we’ve got a few ways to optimize your time in Austin at SXSW. And yes it’s heavy on living the hyper wellness lifestyle!

Plan in advance

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a proper, non-virtual SXSW conference in town. Expect crowds, delays and do your best to plan in advance. With an increase in visitors, prices increase on everything from hotel rooms to pizza to car rides. But if you plan ahead, you can avoid 2 a.m. surge prices or exorbitant hotel room prices. Come prepared, have the apps downloaded on your phone and don’t be afraid to try a pedicab if you’re stuck downtown at night.

Get post-flight compression

So you’ve done all the pre-SXSW work. You’ve booked a flight, Air BNB’d a place, dialed in your schedule and finally, got on the plane to fly to Austin. Now you’re here, you’ve got two hours till check in and you don’t know how to decompress from a heavy day of air travel. We’ve got you covered. Get post-flight compression at Restore! It’s easy: Find the nearest Restore location in Austin, book a half hour compression session and let the stress of travel melt away. Choose from legs, arms or hips and let compression help your body improve blood flow and lymphatic fluid while also improving flexibility and mobility.

Enhance sleep with whole body cryotherapy

Between travel, staying in a new place and disrupting your at-home routine, your sleep might be off. Maybe it’s as simple as the time change between time zones or sleeping in a new place, but there are ways to optimize sleep and improve mood at the same time. It’s Whole Body Cryotherapy! Visit Restore, book a cryo session and in as little as three minutes, you can optimize sleep, dial up your body’s natural defenses and boost mood! So you’ll sleep better in between seminars and nightlife. Whole body cryotherapy also ups the selfie factor while you’re visiting Austin! Ask your friendly Restore rep to shoot a photo of you coming out of cryotherapy and post it to IG so all of your friends and followers can see how you’re able to get things done so efficiently at SXSW.

Replenish vital nutrients with IV Therapy

Traveling is rough on your body. So is sleeping in a new place and eating takeout food. But there are easy ways to nourish your body while taking a 45-minute break from the rigors of SXSW. Book IV Therapy at Restore! IV Drip Therapy is an easy way to hydrate and replenish vital nutrients in your body. And our extensive menu of drip ingredients give you every opportunity to take your wellness further than you thought possible. You can hydrate, boost natural defenses and replenish vital nutrients all at once with one visit to Restore.

Get outside

Between music, nightlife and the sheer number of daytime seminars, there’s no doubt that your schedule is booked solid during SXSW. But don’t forget: Austin is one of the best places in the world to get outside, have fun and “live your best life.” You can walk, run or swim. You can bike to most locations (wear a helmet please) and also visit some of Austin’s legendary tourist destinations such as Barton Springs, Zilker Park and Lake Travis. We all know SXSW is a once-a-year opportunity to showcase your best, but you’ll only optimize that experience even further by exercising and taking in some sunlight before the humidity of summer arrives. And trust us, it’s coming….

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