Tim Tebow Says Now Is The Time to Invest in Your Health

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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December 9, 2022
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Former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow says now is the time to be more proactive about your health. 

Tim and Demi Tebow joined Restore Hyper Wellness® as ambassadors in May of 2022 and have spent the past several months espousing the merits of regular visits to Restore. “It's not just about becoming a little bit more elite in your sport. It's about becoming more elite (in) whatever you're doing,” says Tebow, who regularly enjoys High Dose Vitamin C IV Drips, Infrared Sauna and Cryotherapy. In his most recent appearance on Bloomberg Markets: The Close, Tebow spoke about proactive health care, the question of being “normal” and brand building. 

Co-anchor Romaine Bostick kicks off the conversation by asking, “Why does someone like me need Restore? I’m not a professional athlete.

“It’s one of the most asked questions,” responds Tebow. “When you’re playing sports at an elite level, you want to be the best you can, but all of us have a chance to be the best we can with our life, with our body, with all of our passions and callings. And that’s really what Restore is all about. We wanna give people the encouragement and the support and the fuel to do more of what they love to do.

“For so long, we’ve been reactive.in the healthcare space, rather than proactive,” he continues. “But something as important as our health? Why wait to be reactive? Let’s be proactive with our sleep, our nutrition, but also so many of these unique things like IV Drip Therapy, Cryotherapy and Infrared Saunas? It’s something that I’m so passionate about because I wanna encourage everybody to live life to the fullest and I don’t wanna hashtag it or put it on a bumper sticker. Live it out!”

Co-anchor Katie Greifeld interjects, “How do you make proactive health and wellness accessible and affordable?

“Through partnerships, through continuing to grow, we’re able to bring down the price,” says Tebow. “It’s something that is definitely an investment but if we’re investing in so many things, why would one of the last things be your body, right? We all talk about investments all the time, so one day, you can hold it in your wallet but not be able to enjoy it? I would love to understand that, but let’s be able to enjoy the blessings that we have when we get a chance to use them, but also, let’s feel good so we can really enjoy it.”

Bostick returns with a new question for Tebow. “Is this message for athletes and weekend warriors or do you think “normal” people will get the message?

“There’s nobody that’s normal,” answers Tebow. “We’re all unique, we’re all gifted, we all love to do different things, right? So let’s encourage that, but also, let’s be able to enjoy that by being the best and the healthiest we can possibly be, by being proactive. No matter whether you’re a young athlete or someone that might be past your prime, it doesn’t matter. It’s a place for everybody.”

Tebow then lends his opinion on the idea of professional athletes becoming ambassadors for brands they believe in. Not too long ago, athletes relied wholly on salaries paid by the teams they competed for. But now, athletes are individually brand building on a much broader scope. “Some might be more passionate about shoes and clothes and some might be more passionate about training and wellness,” he says. 

But how does Tim Tebow pick the brands he wants to work with?

“I wanna see three things, '' he says. “I wanna see great people, I wanna see a great product and I wanna see a great purpose. Life’s too short, I wanna be able to do business with great people and I want a product that truly helps people. And I want to have a great purpose, because it’s something I believe in.”

To learn more about Tim Tebow’s favorite services at Restore, check out his ambassador page here

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