10 Ways to Relax and Ease Stress

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
10 minute read
August 15, 2022
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It’s National Relaxation Day, a time to kick up your heels and let the stress of a busy summer melt away. Being stressed out can have a negative impact on the overall well-being of an individual and the stress statistics of US 2022 are not pleasing to the eye. The rising level of stress among adults is an alarming sign. According to a recent survey from the American Institute of Stress, 87% of the respondents cited the rising cost of day to day necessities like groceries, gas, and electricity to be a major source of stress for them. And that’s not even mentioning global events, climate change, the pandemic or recent life changes.

While most people like to think they can manage their stress on their own, it’s tougher than it might seem. And the physical effects that manifest because of stress are serious, even life threatening if not addressed. What might start out as agitation and a stress headache can ultimately lead to mental health problems, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems and more. So we need to learn when we’re stressed first, and then take action to reverse the effects of stress.

Welcome to National Relaxation Day, a chance to do just that, and also extend healthy habits into the future. And in case you need any help relaxing, unplugging, or letting it go, here are ten easy ways to chill out and relax.

Take A Walk: Walking may improve mood, lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and increase brain power. But it doesn’t stop there. Walking can also help save money on gas, cut down on carbon emissions and help you explore your surroundings more intimately.

Take A Nap: Daytime napping can help relieve stress and stabilize sleep patterns.

Unplug from Your Devices: Taking a digital break allows you to increase focus, ease stress, and be in better control of your own time. Our phones don’t want to tell us this, but it’s true, and recently, some features of the iPhone (such as Sleep Focus) allows you to detach and go uninterrupted even easier.

Stretch: Stretching has been shown to increase serotonin levels, i.e., the hormone that helps stabilize our mood, reduce stress, and overall makes us feel good, which causes a decrease in depression and anxiety.

Practice Deep Breathing: Deep breathing is a technique that allows you to calm your mind and reduce the concentration of stress hormones in your blood, which can contribute to the enhancement of your health. Deep breathing helps you calm down rapidly, think more clearly and focus on what you are doing.

Practice Visualization: Visualization is a powerful technique that can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. The technique involves using mental imagery to achieve a more relaxed state of mind. And it works to expand your ability to rest and relax by focusing your mind on more calming and serene images. For a guided visualization exercise, check this out on YouTube!

Laugh: Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen, relieves your stress response and soothes tension. Remember, laughter is the best medicine for a reason. So please, go watch Conan O’Brien reruns on YouTube if needed.

Eat chocolate: Researchers have found that cortisol (the stress hormone) levels seem blunted by the consumption of dark chocolate. It also improves blood pressure and protects blood vessels.

Get Some Natural Light: Studies have shown the more sunlight exposure you receive the higher the level of serotonin in the body. This boost in serotonin helps you feel calm and happy. Additionally, light affects the body's internal clock thus it can improve sleep, release hormones, and boost overall well-being.

Visit Restore: Let’s take a second to think about how we can embrace Hyper Wellnessas a way to slow down and destress. Infrared Sauna offers the perfect space to relax while getting your sweat on. Red Light Therapy is a soothing service that may help boost your mood and optimize sleep. And lastly, Cryotherapy may help the body relieve stress and refresh your mood. 

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