10 Ways To Relax & Ease Stress With The 9 Elements

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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August 15, 2022
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Updated November 2023

A 2022 poll by the American Psychological Association shows that there is a rising level of stress among adults. 

If unaddressed, the physical effects of stress are serious and can be life-threatening. Stress can lead to mental health problems, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems, and more. Stress can negatively impact your overall health and quality of life, but there are numerous ways to regulate your nervous system, from movement and rest to cold and heat therapies.

Go For A Walk Outside

Walking may improve your mood, lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and increase brain power. And studies have shown that sunlight exposure directly correlates to higher levels of serotonin.


Stretching can increase serotonin levels, the hormone that helps stabilize your mood, reduce stress, and decrease depression and anxiety.


Improve your heart and brain health, support your immune system, and manage your weight with adequate recovery and sleep.

Take A Nap

Daytime napping can help relieve stress and stabilize sleep patterns.

Breathe Deep

Deep breathing "can help lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels," according to Michigan State University. And it can be practiced anywhere. Deep breathing is so effective at quickly calming your body and mind that U.S. Navy Seals use the box breathing method.

If you're recovering from surgery or an injury—or looking to boost your immunity—learn how our Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber may help you heal faster.


Known for relieving stress, swelling, and pain, Cryotherapy can also help boost your mood and energy. And many clients report getting a better night's sleep.

Infrared Sauna

Relax and detox in our Infrared Sauna while burning calories and fighting free radicals that cause oxidative stress.

Red Light Therapy 

Boost your mood, improve your vision, and optimize your sleep with just 10–20 minutes of Red Light Therapy.

E‍at Whole Foods

The Harvard School of Public Health found that "certain foods like polyunsaturated fats, including omega-3 fats and vegetables, may help to regulate cortisol levels." Curate a diet rich in colorful, seasonal produce, and choose complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain bread and oatmeal, to help your brain make more serotonin. Research also found that cortisol levels can be improved by consuming dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate can improve blood pressure and protect blood vessels.

IV Drips Therapy 

Consider adding these IV Drip ingredients to help manage stress.

Glutathione: Master antioxidant that neutralizes oxidative stress caused by a psychological origin and helps to slow signs of aging. "An antioxidant is a molecule stable enough to donate an electron to a rampaging free radical and neutralize it, thus reducing its capacity to damage," according to research published in the Pharmacognosy Review.

Magnesium Sulfate: The National Institute of Health states that "magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation." This research also found, "Approximately 30% to 40% of the dietary magnesium consumed is absorbed by the body." Whereas an IV Drip provides 100% bioavailability.

Taurine: Enhances exercise performance, reduces fatigue, and suppresses ER stress (AKA cellular stress), according to the National Library of Medicine.


This is a bonus tip, but it's one of the most important factors to your health—community. Strong relationships relieve stress, improve your quality of life, and boost longevity, and Harvard has the research to prove it.

Start Melting Stress

We use these 9 elements to help expand the limits of your health and performance using science-backed therapies, and our experts are eager to develop a custom wellness plan to help you reach your goals. 

Contact your nearest Restore studio, and book your stress-relieving appointments. 

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