Beginner’s Guide to Compression and Benefits

Jenna Kahn
Jenna Kahn
4 minute read
February 3, 2022
Image of person sitting in NormaTec leg compression therapy, enjoying compression therapy benefits.
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Updated May 2024

Beginner’s Guide to Compression and Benefits

Have you seen your favorite professional athlete wearing Compression sleeves on social media and wondered, “What’s that?” Here is everything you need to know about Compression and why professional athletes use this therapy consistently to train harder and recover faster.

What is Compression?

Compression applies controlled, dynamic pressure to the extremities to help increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Traditionally, Compression uses socks or stockings. At Restore, we use newer technology like the NormaTec Pulse Rx 2.0 that utilizes compressed air to mobilize fluid and improve circulation. This technology implements “sleeves” that slide onto your arms, legs or around your hips and offer a pneumatic, pressurized massage.

How Does Compression Work?

Compression helps your circulation system increase blood flow to help deliver more oxygen and nutrients. This therapy may help speed up recovery, relieve aches and improve athletic performance.

How Long is a Compression Session?

Compression for each area is approximately 30 minutes. You can sit back, relax, read a book, scroll Instagram, practice deep breathing or take a nap. The important thing is to remain stationary. 

What Happens after Doing Compression?

Each client will have their own experience following Compression, but many clients report that their arms, legs or hips feel lighter and less sore afterward. 

Who Uses Compression?

Professional athletes have used Compression to help accelerate recovery in between training sessions or after intense competitions. Because the pneumatic squeezing technique increases blood and lymphatic flow in your limbs, it helps muscles recover faster from aches or overuse, so athletes can perform at a higher rate of intensity. 

With Compression, recovery periods are typically much shorter because the system mimics therapeutic pressure, reducing tenderness and alleviating soreness in the process. 

Athletes that use Compression include Triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, bodybuilders and Olympians. Because it's an effective therapy, Restore makes Compression accessible to all clients at an affordable rate at all 225+ locations nationwide.

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