Combat Brain Fog with August’s Drip

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
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August 1, 2022
Image of a woman looking at an IV Drip Therapy menu in Restore Hyper Wellness.
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Ready for your monthly refresh? Each month, Restore offers a Drip of the Month tailored to the month’s specific challenges. Whether the focus is immunity, energy, detox, or skin health, each season brings a different set of factors that influence the ingredients in our drips.

Back to school, back to work. The Clear Mind Drip is the brain boost you need - with two ingredients that combat noggin fog and promote mental acuity.

Magnesium: Stress and nerve support, calming, relieves migraine and muscle pain 

Lysine: Calcium absorption, promotes healthy bones + collagen support

Drip tip: Add B12 for an energy boost!

IV Drip Therapy may hydrate and cleanse the body at a faster rate than drinking water. By using IV Drip Therapy, you are bypassing the wait time associated with drinking fluids. IV Drip Therapy delivers fluids straight into the bloodstream, which can replenish the body’s fluid supply faster than drinking half your body weight in water each day. And while we should all be upping our fluid intake throughout the day, it’s not always easy for the average person to focus on proper fluid intake during a hectic work week. But IV Drip Therapy may help restore balance to your daily fluid intake.

Many of us are racing through life without any meaningful breaks from our hectic daily schedules. Do most days feel like a juggling act to you? Are you running from work to the gym to school and not stopping along the way to give yourself some time to reset? IV Drip Therapy may help with a break from your already hectic schedule. Imagine being able to step back from a demanding schedule to give yourself time to practice self care. IV Drip Therapy can do just that. In about an hour, you can choose to turn off notifications, read a book and receive a liter of saline with essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids that go far beyond water alone. That reset can help you maximize focus to carry on with the demands of a hectic schedule. And it’s just an appointment away!

And that’s not all: Through August 31, buy a 5-Pack of Cryoskin Slimming or Toning & get a Cryoskin Facial FREE!

Our Cryoskin services can help you capitalize on a balanced diet and hard work in the gym. Maintain your summer figure as the season winds down.

Cryoslimming®: Your skin is warmed and then rapidly cooled, which may reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite, and slim your overall figure.

CryoToning®: Harnesses the power of cold temperatures, which may firm and tighten skin, and  reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cryoskin Facial: Upgrade your complexion with this frosty facial that may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve tightness and texture.

Contact your local Restore to schedule a Drip! Offer available through August 31. 

Photo by Jenna Kahn.

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