How Can Compression Help?

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
5 minute read
February 21, 2022
Couple receiving NormaTec compression on legs at Restore location.
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What is compression?

Compression is an effective method by which controlled pressure is applied to the extremities in order to increase blood flow and the efficiency of the lymphatic and venous systems. Traditionally, compression uses socks or stockings, but Restore uses newer technology like NormaTec to offer dynamic compression that utilizes compressed air to mobilize fluid and improve circulation.

If you’re an NBA fan, you’ve probably seen Allen Iverson or Lebron James rocking compression arm or leg sleeves. These sleeves, used by athletes in a variety of sports, are elasticized garments used to keep muscles warm, additionally preventing pain and swelling that can result from overexertion. In the NBA’s case, arm sleeves also serve as a sweat barrier between dry hands and the ball, but that’s another blog for another day.

And while compression sleeve technology has been proven to work, the world of compression has expanded to include pulsing compression, such as NormaTec 2.0 compression for legs, hips, and arms. If you follow any pro athletes on the old Instagram, then you’ve probably seen these compression devices as athletes bask in their restorative glory. Most pro athletes are using them in the gym to recover from training and/or games, but these days, the NormaTec system is widely available to everyday people.

And we’re all better for it! 

How does compression work?

Poor circulation occurs when blood vessels and arteries narrow, making it hard for blood to pass through. Compression works by adding pressure to contracting areas of restricted flow, allowing the veins in the limbs to loosen. This loosening decreases venous pressure, reduces edema, and aids the body in moving blood towards the heart. It also engages “lymphatic flush,” which facilitates the removal of waste and swelling, from the body.

And it’s one of the most relaxing half hours you can spend during the day. First and foremost, compression isn’t an all-or-nothing commitment. You can receive compression for a half hour while still checking email, reading a book or scrolling Instagram. As you’re engaging in these activities, the NormaTec system gently compresses and then loosens throughout the area you’ve chosen to compress. Some liken it to a massage, but the outcome of compression far exceeds what you’d expect from an average massage.

What does compression do?

There are a ton of benefits when it comes to compression. For one, it keeps our legs healthy. To be quite honest, it’s easy to take our limb health for granted or to simply not think about it. When we’re young, we’re certainly not thinking about varicose veins or any venous diseases that we could possibly encounter. But even if you don’t think you need compression, you can still benefit from it. Talking with your doctor about treatments for limb health can be an important, preventative healthcare step.

But we’re not done yet. Compression can also be good for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting, standing or traveling on airplanes or in any type of vehicle. You also don’t have to wait until you see visible signs of vein issues in order to utilize compression – it’s great preventive care. Pregnant women may also benefit from compression, since a number of women experience achy, swollen legs during pregnancy.

And as we stated earlier, NormaTec compression is especially beneficial for athletes. Recovery is a crucial part of any training regimen, and NormaTec helps maximize circulation, helping you to feel better, train harder, and most importantly, recover faster.

So yes, we think compression can help in many ways, improving recovery. But come find out for yourself. An intro session is one of the easiest steps you can take at Restore.

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