What If I Hate Needles?

Brian Tunney
Brian Tunney
5 minute read
July 20, 2022
Image of a woman receiving IV Drip Therapy from a nurse at Restore Hyper Wellness.
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Are you afraid of needles?

It’s okay if you are. In fact, it’s a fairly common phobia known as trypanophobia that can arise from a variety of experiences, including past traumatic experiences with needles, a family history of needle phobia, or anxiety disorders.

In a 2009 study devoted to the fear of needles, 22% of the participants (174 total) reported a fear of needles. And the result of this phobia meant that some people would actually avoid seeking medical care or treatment that might require needles, such as blood tests, vaccinations, and even flu shots. And because people who strongly fear needles avoid doctors and medical care, it’s likely that the number of those with a fear of needles is underestimated.

And according to Harvard Health, this phobia is not limited to people who are overly sensitive to pain or aren’t “tough enough.”

Fortunately, there are ways to cope with needles even if you hate them. According to Douglas Saphier, M.D. triple board-certified psychiatrist at Hackensack University Medical Center, “In most instances, if you step on a jagged pebble on the beach you will be in much greater pain than anything you will experience from an injection. The difference is that the pebble on the beach was unexpected. Your mind had no opportunity to anticipate the pain and create stress and anxiety leading up to it.”

If you’re visiting Restore for IV Drip Therapy for the first time, you’ll be consulted with a nurse practitioner before you receive your drip. And they are pros at easing anxiety. Plus, you’ll get to sit in a comfy chair, and if you’re cold, there are blankets ready to go. So it’s more of a relaxing visit than anything.

But before you go, here are a few tips to ease your anxiety.

1) Skip the caffeine.

2) Wear comfortable clothing.

3) Give yourself a reality check: Ask yourself “Is there a chance I’m overly worried?”

Then, when the needle is ready, there are a variety of techniques to help overcome your fear of needles.

1) You can look away and avoid watching the needle itself.

2) You can grab a stress ball to squeeze your anxiety away.

3) You can practice deep breathing or box breathing to ease your tension.

You’ll feel a quick prick at the beginning and then you’re on your way to better health. You can feel free to kick your feet up and enjoy Compression while you receive your Drip. Or, bring a book, earbuds or your laptop to pass the time while dripping.

The point is, a fear of needles doesn’t need to stop you from being proactive about your wellness. If you’re curious about IV Drip Therapy and hate needles, you can still do more for yourself and work to overcome a common fear in the process. 

Photo by Jenna Kahn.

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